Is Link House Trust The Right Place For You?

Rooms that are available will be advertised on the Cambridge University Accommodation Service website ( If you would like to consider living at Link House, or if you are unable to access this service, or there are no rooms at Link House actively being advertised, you are still welcome to contact Link House directly by completing our application form, which you can find below. Please complete the application form first, and provide us with the information we require, as we will normally not discuss the possibility of you living at Link House before we know a bit more about you and your accommodation needs.

Please read the conditions of residency on the Accommodation webpage to ensure that Link House is the right place for you, as you will be asked to indicate that you are willing to abide by these conditions.

All applications must first be submitted in writing so that we can determine that you meet the criteria for being offered a room at Link House; and all responses or offers of accommodation will be in writing by email. No discussion about room availability, or offers of accommodation, will be conducted verbally over the phone.

Link House is a multicultural community, and to maintain this ethos it may, at times, be necessary to balance the nationalities and genders of residents within each of the three houses.

Frequently, there are more applications received than rooms available so please be aware that we may not be able to give you an immediate response until we have been able to consider all suitable applications. We will, however, try to respond within two weeks of your application to give you an indication of you prospect of being able to live at Link House.

The main application requirements are as follows:

  • All applicants must be non-UK citizens.
  • All residents are required to be new-comers to the UK.
  • All residents are required to be post-graduate students only. Please provide information about the post-graduate qualification you will be studying for, and name of the academic institution you will be registered at, whilst in the UK.

Please Note: Accommodation is provided on a strictly single occupancy basis only.

Link House is only able to accommodate bona fide post-graduate students, and is unable to offer rooms to post-docs, visiting academics, and university staff.